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Healing Sessions

We offer you deeply touching and relaxing sound healing therapy with guided meditation and gentle breathwork, creating a synergistic effect which  promotes cellular regeneration, heart & brain connection, mind, body & soul healing and greatly supports inner transformation. 

Your Inner Journey

Welcome to your Sound Healing session.


Let yourself be guided by enchanting sounds into an in-between world of peace and transformation. As a sound healer, my goal is to keep you in a state of light trance between sleeping and waking. Using multiple instruments and my guiding voice to help you quiet the mind, relax and stay in the present moment, The class will facilitate the alignment of mind, body & soul, enhance and strengthen the body's natural ability to heal itself and will be also focussed on heart & brain coherence.


By combining specific frequencies of sounds, guided meditation, and healing intentions, the nervous system is gently balanced and tuned to a state of total relaxation, the mind is letting go and stop interfering with the body’s regenerative system. 

Thank to the physical laws of sympathetic resonance, brainwave entrainment and frequency following response (FFR), we will be:

  • Balancing the left and the right brain hemispheres which enhances cognitive performance, improve memory and general intellectual functioning

  • Enhance the heart rate variability (HRV) for allowing the mind and body to handle stressful situations easier

  • Lower the blood pressure for a healthy cardiovascular system

  • balance the autonomic nervous system for deep relaxation and improve overall wellbeing

  • Reconnecting the heart & the brain with a beautiful guided meditation for clarity & insight, joy & connection, fulfilment & serenity

The vibrations received during a sound bath or a private sound healing session remain in the body for days and it is suggested to hydrate yourself well after the healing session.

We are really looking forward to seeing you in one of our healing sessions.

Nicolas Belliot


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