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Connecting Science, Music, Ancient Traditions and Healing Modalities with Integral Sound Healing

The universe is always in motion, and so are the molecules, cells, glands, and organs within our bodies, each with its own distinct frequency. These frequencies can be disrupted by various internal and external factors, such as trauma, resulting in stress, a major contributor to many diseases and illnesses. Integral Sound Healing is the practice of creating sound vibrations with good intentions in order to help, calm and heal the living beings receiving the vibrations. 

The vibrations produced with singing bowls and other particular instruments impact the nervous system by directly penetrating the tissues and cells, immersing the body into a deep relaxing state. Being in that state is greatly supporting the body's natural capacity to heal itself.

Sound healing can also easily be used in conjunction with other healing modalities in order to help amplify and enhance their effects. 


The Science Behind 
Sound Healing

Sound healing is scientifically backed up by the field of vibro-acoustic therapy. Every musical tone vibrates at a different speed or frequency and this is measured in a unit called Hertz. A high-pitched tone has a higher frequency or vibrational speed while a lower tone vibrates slower and has a lower frequency.


Vibro-acoustic therapy uses frequencies within the range of human hearing and low frequency ranges which are considered to be less than 500 Hz. These Frequencies are the ones that are said to contribute to a greater experience of relaxation, pain and symptom relief. You do not only hear, you can actually feel these sounds and their calming effect on your mind and body. Tibetan singing bowls have a frequency range of anywhere between 110 Hz and 660 Hz on average and are perfect for entraining the mind & body to a state of healing and pain relief.

Having The Right Mindset For A Sound Healing Session

Here are some tricks to put you in the right mindset:

-Set your purest intentions on taking care of yourself and the love you are going to give to yourself.


-Be completely open-minded towards the upcoming experience and focus on having a good time rather than hoping for healing a health condition which your subconscious mind that runs 95% of our lives understands as “I’m sick, I give the responsibility of my wellbeing to someone else" and gives you more of what you don’t want against your conscious will.


-Find a positive « I Am » affirmation that fits your individual needs, like: I am enough, I am healthy, I am lovable, I am whole and complete or I am confident and so on... The affirmation has to be in the present tense in order to program your subconscious mind to lead you where you want to go. Repeat as much and as long as you deem necessary, before arriving at the session that affirmation in your head with genuine intention, meaning you can feel it as if you are already there and living it.


The goal is to be less worried, not acting from a fear based perspective and to have trust in the universe and its rules. Pain, diseases, accidents and general suffering have deeper meanings that we can choose to accept as signs or life lessons and are not necessarily bad things that we need to reject and escape from. 

Health problems are most of the time consequences of some kind of imbalance.

Sickness can be seen as a symptom of a deeper imbalance, not the cause. Sickness can be seen as the perfect reaction to a perfectly well-working body trying to make you understand something that you don’t consciously see. In that way, sickness and suffering can be seen as an opportunity to look deeper inside yourself and that helps you to grow on different levels.

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