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Metanoia Markt Presentation

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Hello and a warm welcome to you all beautiful readers!

We are proud and happy to have you here and present you our little baby! We will provide you weekly with deep and insightful inputs and ideas in future blog contents.

The Blog will approach different subjects and will be divided in series:

  • The Metanoia Community series

  • The World Medicine series

  • The Wellness tips series

  • The Spiritual series

  • The Self-Help series

  • The Tinfoil Hat series

  • The Prepping series

  • The Cooking series

  • The Life Hacks series

We believe at Metanoia that Switzerland needs its own space for alternative people to express themselves.

Some of us here have woken up a long time ago already, others just recently and a lot are still fast asleep. What does that even mean to have woken up? For one it means to finally see through the corporate world propaganda of the mass media, for others it means that you are spiritually advanced and for another it means that the world is ruled by aliens… But for us to awaken simply means trying to be a better wo/man in the sick and self-destructive society we were born into, that the human being is capable of much more than what most of us are aware of and that life has much more to offer than mainstream media are pushing us towards. We do accept all forms of beliefs at Metanoia and we don’t want to push any dogma on anybody.

That being said, we at Metanoia don’t want to mainly focus on the bad and the negative, as we believe that thoughts are energy. We believe that focusing on the positive is the best and healthiest way to counterbalance the growing negative. That’s our resistance. It is our duty to make sure that every soul that is connected to us is being taken care of in some way, provided with options and information in order to be able to take care of themself, walk happily as examples that could inspires others, in order to be able to give them valuable advices for their problems.

As we would like to be a sustainable enterprise and don’t want to fall one day into censorship, we invite you at your liking to read in between the lines on this blog. We will be cautious to not make bold claims that this or that product heals a specific disease unless we have scientific proof that it does. We will otherwise stipulate that we don’t have scientific proof, that we are just talking from our experience or perspective. We will provide you with valid information. Though what is valid for you and me, might not be for someone else, we have to respect that.

In this blog, we wish to give you perspectives on things you might have never heard before, tips and tricks for your wellbeing and everyday life. We will also give you some regular self help challenges you might want to take part of and share your insights with us on the way on the forum. But all in all, we just want to create a better world and we need you to be part of that project because honestly, taking a look at possible futures for the planet, it's high time for action and it's now or never!

We thank you very much for taking the time to read us and we dearly hope you’ll be one of our regular readers.

Nicolas Belliot

Every week Metanoia brings you a different topic to explore self development, spirituality and mindfulness.

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