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Kill The Ego…

The desire to "kill the ego" is a common theme in spiritual and self-help teachings, as the ego is often seen as the source of negative emotions and behaviors. However, completely eliminating the ego is not a viable solution for several reasons.

First, the ego serves an important function in our psychological development and helps us to navigate the world around us. It is the part of our psyche that helps us to form our sense of self and allows us to make decisions and take actions that are in line with our values and beliefs. It also serves as a means of self-defense, protecting us from potential harm and helping us to cope with difficult emotions and situations.

Additionally, the desire to eliminate the ego can lead to a suppression of our true selves and can result in a lack of authenticity in our interactions with others. When we try to eliminate the ego, we may try to hide our true thoughts, feelings, and motivations, which can lead to a lack of connection and understanding with others.

Furthermore, the ego is not a monolithic entity, and it can be divided into different components, some of them may be healthy and others not. It's essential to differentiate between the healthy and unhealthy aspects of the ego and rather than trying to eradicate it completely, it's more beneficial to learn how to manage and balance the different aspects of the ego.

The ego plays an important role in our psychological development, it's not a indivisible entity and the desire to eliminate it entirely is not a viable solution. Instead, it's more beneficial to learn how to manage and balance the different aspects of the ego. In my experience, trying to kill one’s ego only reinforces it.

Nicolas Belliot

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